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1. Course outline

Welcome to the New South Africa!

In this course « South Africa Tomorrow« , we’ll be asking ourselves the question: should we invest in South Africa?

In order to answer the question we have to explore the country as it is today. We have to learn something about its past, and we have to develop the curiosity to learn more. We’ll be learning from each other, from your research, from current affairs; we’ll listen to speeches, talks, see video footage, cartoons, photographs, hear music, listen to poetry, read some fiction and perhaps meet some special guests.

You will experience the taste of Rooibos tea, Cape Moondance Buchu tea, perhaps even eat some biltong or dried mangoes!

We will also discuss your language learning objectives and address the progress you wish to make.

This course is divided into 4 modules based on the timetable and breaks, each including a form of assessment.

  • Module 1. Discovering references: key people, places, dates, issues, cultural features so as to provide a framework for the main challenges facing SA today. Improving pronunciation, reading comprehension, and listening comprehension will be a key focus. A choice of an oral or written assessment task.
  • Module 2. Discovering Nelson Mandela – his leadership style, the place  of rugby in South Africa (France-SA on the 10th November in Paris). Questions of leadership post-Mandela and the challenges faced by the ANC ruling party. Multiple choice quizz assessment on aspects of SA covered so far.
  • Module 3. Investigating key areas of progress and development in SA over the last 24 years . Discovering the new young leaders in a range of different fields. Assessment: individual or paired presentations followed by Q&A and discussion.
  • Module 4. Debate and performance. Guest interviews. Writing articles for publication on the AGORA UPSaclay-NewUni language site (final written task)

Links to key speeches: (Theresa May in Cape Town, August 2018) ; (Cyril Ramaphosa on Land expropriation, August 2018) (Mandela at the Rivonia Trial in 1964)